Weekly blog

Dear All,

It was so lovely to come in last Monday and hear the joyful chatter of children in the Community centre field.

We have had visitors pop in and things are looking up.

Personally I think living in fear depletes our immune system. Let’s try to eat healthily, exercise and be kind to each other. Apparently vitamin c and zinc are good for the immune system too. Laughing and loving.

Here at the centre when we kick off again in September I believe there will be a lot of things going on. Of course following the social distancing rules etc.  Local is good. We don’t need to drive our cars so far and we support the local economy too.

We are planning our AGM at the moment a bit late but the clogs of the system are moving.

Sending light to you all


Weekly update July 21st 2020

Dear All,

Warm wishes to you.

Finally at the Community Centre we are emerging from lockdown.

I’m sure each of us has experienced these times in a different way according to our individual situations.

The pandemic has also emphasised our oneness and how we all affect each other, each individual’s actions, thoughts influence the whole. This works in a positive or negative way.

We are smothered in hand gel, social distancing rules and track and trace here. I realise lots of people are still a bit apprehensive but life must go on. During lockdown we got the news that we had won the Queens award for voluntary service, which is very prestigious. We are thrilled and so grateful to all those over the past years who have given their time freely to support us and further our work here. It is the culmination of many years. I’m hoping we can have a big party at some point. When I first arrived there were no volunteers at all.

As things come back on line we will keep you informed. For the moment we have the holiday club running from here during the day Monday to Friday. Halls are available to book for the evening or weekends.

Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Kind regards