Blog week 4

Blog week 4


Dear All,

We are well into August now, the days and weeks seem to go so fast. The weather swinging to extremes.

The centre office is busy, we work hard from when we enter to when we leave, staff are part time and need to squash a lot into a little space. Enquiries for halls is increasing and finding out who and when groups will be back is a juggling act.

I thought this was interesting.

Marije Berkelaar:

?? I am a GP and I express my opinion on the Corona measures.

Under the motto Corona there are serious human rights violations. The virus is less contagious and less lethal than a flu virus.

Through anxiety politics, extensive propaganda and censorship, the population is imposed a one-sided image. We are imposing senseless and extremely unhealthy measures, quarantine of healthy people, the 1,5 meter society, the use of disinfecting hand gel and mouth caps.

Don’t participate. Feed your health, not your fear.

Improve your defense. Go outside, move, laugh, sing, dance, connect and hug each other.

I support @willemengel, @doutzenkroes and @tisjeboyjay I support internist @evelienpeeters and pulmonologist @DavidPrins. Stay critical dear people. Stand behind what you believe in. Not because it’s the easiest choice. But because you feel in your core this is the right thing to do.”

I’m sure we all have our own thoughts according to our belief systems. Let me know.

Have a great week and enjoy what comes even if it is a learning experience!