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Prepare for the birth of your baby with the most experienced and most popular provider of antenatal classes.

Make sure you have all the basics of pregnancy, birth and early parenting covered, with an NCT Essentials antenatal course.

When you first hear the wonderful news that you are expecting, it’s natural to feel a bit anxious. So to help you prepare for your big day, and your new life, NCT have taken generations of experience and condensed it in to a compact antenatal course that explores six essential, easy-to-follow themes every mum and dad-to-be needs to know.Essentials, NCT’s most affordable antenatal course, offers both practical information and emotional support. Following the course you will be clearer and more confident about what’s right for you and your new family, as well as preparing you for the arrival of your beautiful new baby.

Courses run at various dates and times throughout the year. For more details and how to book, email Jo Mace, or call 020 8752 2435.
NCT also offers Signature antenatal, Refresher, Waterbirth, Baby Massage and Introducing Solids workshops and courses in and around this area. Please contact NCT for more information.